Customizing the Dice Shield

The clear walls and base of the Dice Shield™ are even cooler when you add your own designs! Questo Gizmo LLC can etch your black and white designs anywhere on the surface of the Dice Shield, and on the base of the Dice Shield Buckler.

Shading and Style

Your design should be pure black and white, with no greys or fine-grained cross-hatching. If you need inspiration for this style, take a look at some woodcuts (Google, Wikipedia. )

When we process your design, the laser will etch the black parts of your design into the acrylic, creating a sort of "frosted glass" look. In some ways this inverts your image, with black becoming white, so that is a good way to preview the results.

Dimensions and Templates

The size of the design varies depending on the type of Dice Shield you'd like to etch. The classic hexagonal Dice Shield has an interior dimension of 8 inches from side to side, and there are three regions reserved for attaching the legs. The Dice Shield Buckler™ has an interior diameter of 7.75 inches and also has three regions reserved for attaching the legs. Your design must not stray into the area reserved for leg attachment.

The height of the sides varies by Dice Shield type too, with hexagonal Dice Shields having 3 inch high sides and the Buckler having 2.125 inch high sides. We can't currently etch on the sides of the Buckler, but if you really want it, we can learn how to use the rotary etcher.

We've included all the templates in in both svg and pdf formats. They're easy to print out and use directly as a sketch pad for polishing your designs.


You must have full rights to the artwork you send to Questo Gizmo LLC for etching on your Dice Shield. Do not use images created by other people unless you have their explict permission in writing or you can show that it has been released as public domain or under a Creative Commons license. For contests, the design must be entirely your own work.

Delivering Your Design

Raster images (like jpg, png, tiff, tga) must be 300-600 dots per inch resolution to get the best results. Vector images (like svg and pdf) work well too, since they can be scaled easily. Digital designs like these can be attached to your order on Etsy. If you are reading this as part of a contest entry, please follow the instructions for the contest about how to submit your designs

If you prefer to work with traditional media on paper, then you can send a photocopy of your work to our office and we will scan it in at the required resolution for you. Please keep your original! We wouldn't want it to get lost in the mail. Our office is located at:

Questo Gizmo LLC
655 Kansas St #401
San Francisco, CA 94107